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1. All prices are only for information and can be changed at any time :


Our prices are presented for information only and may vary depending on the season, the number of tenants and the apartment chosen. Rentals are made for minimum 5 nights and 90 nights maximum.
The rent for a Large Studio (25m2 approx) is from 65 € / night for 2 people.
The rent for a 2 room apartment (35 m2) is from 75 € for 3 people
The additional person is at 10 € / day
The exit household is 75 €
The tourist tax is fixed annually by the town hall and is in addition to the price of the rent for all the tenants from 18 years old.
The deposit is 350 € for a studio and 450 € for a 2 room apartment, for a stay not exceeding 6 weeks.

2. Prices become final upon our confirmation following your request.
3. Rentals are made for one or more weeks (minimum 5 nights)
4. We also sometimes have weekend offers (weekend rate) depending on availability- ask us.
5. For add-ons and options please consult us
6. Rates quoted are for 1-2 persons for studios and 2-3 persons for 2-room apartments.
7. Supplement for additional person: 10 € / night
8. Tourist tax of the city of Pantin varies each year


1. Send us Your Reservation Request: dates of your arrival & departure, Nb of persons, type of apartment (studio or 2 rooms) as well as contact information.
2. We’ll send you back our price, date confirmation & advance payment instructions.
3. If you agree you’ll have to send as the advance payment as indicated in our price confirmation (the amount of one-week minimum).
4. After reception of your payment we’ll send you definitive confirmation of rental.
5. We ask you to not delay your payment after reception of our price confirmation to avoid the cancellation of your reservation and because other people can wait for the same confirmation especially during High Season Periode.
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1. The amount of the advance payment is equivalent to one week renting rate: 350 € Grand Studio & 450 € for 2 Rooms apartment.
2. The final payment is to be done in cash on arrival or by the Bank Transfer (or similar) at least two weeks before arrival. For reservation on High Season or long stay the total payment can be rquested in advance.
3. The Payment can be done:
By transfer from Your Bank to our (Please ask for our IBAN & BIC), by postal payment, by Western Union, Pay Pal or by MoneyGram.
4. After reception of Your Payment we’ll send you our confirmation of the definitive reservation

5. In case of cancellation from your side the advance payment is not reimbursed.
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The renting of one of our apartments is submited to the garantee deposit.
The purpose of this deposit is the garantee fund in case of deterioration of the furnure or accessories & supplies provided in the apartment. The amount of this deposit is:
One week for periodes of the rental from 1 to 4 weeks and one mounth for more.
The deposit is normally returned the day of the departure excepted when damage can not be estimated immediately. In this case & accordingly to the current law the deposit is to be returned not later than 2 months after Your departure.
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Prices include:
charges as heating & water expenses as well as electricity up to 20 KWh/day, basic cleaning (1 hour), welcome service (1 hour), departure service (1 hour), linen & towels for 2 persons.
Additional cleaning as well as replacement or addition
of linen & towels (if requested) is to be paid additionally.
Equipment, furniture, accessories & supplies are provided for rental of the apartment only and in case of deterioration are to be repaired/replaced at Your charges.

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1. To organize your wellcome please let us know 72 hrs in advance of the time of your arrival.
2. The usual arrival Hrs are from de 16h00 to 20h00.
3. The wellcome Agent will wait for You at de previusly agreed time. In case Your arrival is delayed please inform us asap. 1 hour after expiration of the agreed time the Wellcome Agent is allowed to leave the Residence & it will be necessary to provide another one at your additional charge (30€).
4. At your arrival the Welcome Agent will give you the invoice, general & particular conditions of rental to be signed by You, the inventory of the apartment and notification act of the conditions of the apartment to be returned 48 hours after arrival. After signin all documents & final payment the Wellcome Agent will give you the key & entrance code. In case you did not returne any document within 48 hrs it means you agree with the inventory list & good conditions of the rented apartment.
5.Before receveing the key You have to leave the copy of your ID papers.
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1. To organize your departure please let us know 72 hrs in advance of the time of your departure.
2. The usual departure Hrs are from de 08h00 to 10h00.
3. The Departure Agent will comme at de previusly agreed time to control the conditions & the inventoru of the apartment.
4. Before departure you have to clean up the apartment, wash table services , accessories & supplies, put linen & towels on the bed, defrost the freezer. The apartment si to be free of luggage.
5. If your departure is out of hours please leave us your address where we’ll send you the deposit (cost of transfer will be deducted). The key is to be left in the postal box of the Résidence Chevreul. Departure checking will be done by ourself.
6. In case of any domage, missing goods, cleaning /repair necessity due to the clients stay, all amounts in relation with it will be charged additionaly.
7. Line & towels to be left on the bed in the initial quantity.
8. Luggage should be out of the apartment for Departure checking.
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1. Smoking inside apartments is not allowed. The smoke causes damages on walls, ceilings & furniture and sometimes can be uncomfortable & persistent. In case of damage due to smoking it may be necessary to renovate the apartment and/or to disinfect it.
2. Pets can be accepted exceptionally. In this case the disinfection of the apartment will be charged additionally.
3. When you are going out please check windows are locked. We’re not responsible for any loss/stealing of your personal goods..
4. Respect other tenants. Respect & take care of rented goods.
5.Mantain the apartment clean. Waste disposal in appropriate bags.
6. Inform us about any disfonctioning immediately.
7. On your departure if additional cleaning is needed it will be charged additionaly 20 € per hour.
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